AHCG Executive





Brand dedicated to scouting and recruiting high-profile candidates. Deep market expertise and confidentiality are AHCG Executive's main strengths to deliver  leadership solutions to Clients and help them in their strategic development.





Aegis FSI




Market leader in Italy in the Asset Management industry and one of the key players in Financial Services Industry. Passion, dedication and client satisfaction make Aegis FSI a trusted and credible company.



Aegis UK




International hub in the areas of organisational effectiveness, change management, leadership and management development.








Able to work in a fast and flexible way, to ensure a personalised and agile solution for the client. It can comprehend the client needs, creating stable and long term relationships.



Four Corners




Deep knowledge of the market characteristics, a specialised consultant approach and strong capabilities in different product categories and across many level of expertise.









In-house and externally sourced methodologies to diagnose areas of opportunity and maximise the potential of new hires and existing employees.

Reliable partner in supporting clients’ decision making processes.






Value Stream



Deep knowledge of industrial dynamics and innovations are our key to provide Middle and Senior Management Recruitment in specialised areas such as Capital Equipment, Materials, Industrial Automation and Components.