People are the soul of all business activities, the most important element for a company’s success: Aegis Human Consulting Group (AHCG) is a family of companies that specialise in  human capital management and retainer recruitment.

Thanks to our across-the-board approach, we can benefit from several different experiences and a global market view. At the same time, we always work as a team in order to take advantage of our vertical expertise. We are passionate human consultants and executive recruiters.


HR Change Management

Our concept of organisational development and change management is based on the assumption that while companies design business models, systems and processes, it is people that really drive the change. AHCG helps organisations to read their own structures and find change opportunities. It focuses on the move from ‘as is’ to ‘to be’ through the alignment of organisational and people development interventions.

We support companies managing transition and evolution, starting from their own business concept through organisational macro-analysis & audit phases up to individual and team development plans. We know that individual contributors, teams and organisations often face problems in developing culture and engagement, and we know how difficult it is to align people development with process and organisational optimisation. With this in mind, we can offer a wide range of tailor-made services and a flexible approach in order to help people and companies with their continuous improvement process.


  • Organisational Macro Analysis and Models

  • HR Processes Mapping and Development

  • Job Profiling and Job Description

  • Competency Modeling and Systems

  • Performance Management



Executive Search




AHCG Executive is Aegis Human Consulting Group's Business Line specialised in finding, attracting, and developing top talents for strategic positions.

We have a specialised team which focuses on Senior and Line Managers' leadership executive recruiting and act as a conduit to international global talents.

Before starting every new assignment, we go through detailed interviews with the hiring manager, to learn firsthand about the key factors that make a company unique: products and business goals alongside corporate culture, engagement and alignment.
We study the specific market and search scenario and develop together with our customers the most appropriate job description together with our customers.
We work across various industries and disciplines thanks to our practice leaders’ in-depth industry know-how and long-term experience.
We build long-lasting partnerships which allow us to understand a company not only by the required skills, but also by the cultural fit, which adds an important ingredient to the development of high-performing teams.

We scout via direct searches, special networking and confidential approaches only. The comprehensive selection package we deliver includes a clear presentation of each candidate as a manager and as a person. This is the main benefit in creating our dedicated short list for customers. We are alongside the hiring manager to support the induction period and the transition, with our continued involvement and placement guarantee.

Taking care of all people involved in the project is our purpose. When interviewing candidates, we aim to understand not only their expertise but also their motivation and goals. We believe in building an integrated, diverse workforce that drives innovation under a multi-cultural perspective and creates better decision making. One of our main commitments is to honor the confidentiality of both customers and candidates during every step of the process.

Our Code of Ethics reflects and represents this responsibility, providing a framework for our professional relationship with all the players involved.



  • International Executive Search
  • Executive Audit
  • Mapping and Scouting
  • Reputation and References Check
  • Motivational Analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Salary Benchmark Surveys
  • “Time To Mind” Induction Coaching
  • Executive Career Coaching


Middle Management Search&Selection

 Since we know that every company culture is unique, we believe that our understanding of our clients’ organisational characteristics and values is a critical first step for us to provide them with the best service. We are passionate recruiters who know how to add value to our clients by finding the most adequate candidates and inspiring them for the new challenges. We specialise in management and professional level recruiting within different market fields thanks to a combination of deep technical expertise, vertical industry knowledge and flexibility.

Our approach consists of analysing the target market and applying different strategies and methods in order to find the best solution for each situation. We benefit from a dedicated research team and qualified professional consultants, who actively support the client through each step of the recruiting process, from profile definition to post-hiring follow up.



Human Capital

A company’s sustainable success rests with the investment in people’s skills and potential. Therefore, it is important to choose the right development activities to boost their competences and performance. At the same time, finding the right people for key strategic positions and identifying talents and top performers, inside and outside the company, is essential to effectively implement the strategic goals. As certified practitioners, we ensure access to a broad spectrum of diagnostic tools, helping clients choose the one which best fits their specific needs.