Aegis FSI




Aegis FSI is the reference brand for Executive Recruiting projects in the Financial Services field and is the leader in the Italian Asset Management market, with over 15 years working alongside the biggest players in the FSI sector.
Our experience and track record allow us to provide our clients with a forward-looking vision and a network of trusted relationships, as well as a unique competence in special projects such as start-up banks and financial companies with international development plans.




Aegis UK




Aegis UK is the group's international hub that deals with Executive selection and management consulting in Europe and all around the world.

Our strategic presence in London allows us to get in touch with the best candidates, and to work with the main European players in a variety of fields.









We are the starting point for all companies operating in the Energy, Engineering & Environment sectors when it comes to attracting and enhancing talent. Our strong vertical expertise enables us to find the right person, who will bring added value and is also a good cultural fit with your organization.




Four Corners




Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle are constantly evolving, and therefore require a steady stream of highly qualified professional profiles. Four Corners is an AHCG brand dedicated to finding the best talent to these fields: in addition to corporate and retail roles, we support your recruiting needs in strategic areas such as Style and Product, Modeling, Tailoring and Haute Couture, as well as Production and Supply Chain.






Value Stream



Value Stream is Aegis’ brand dedicated to searching and selecting qualified professionals in the industrial field, with a specific focus on Industrial Automation, Packaging and Elecrical Equipment.