How do HR Development activities such as Coaching, Assessment, Organizational Consulting and Training, help improve your career prospects?

In the current context, the main focus for organizations and people within organizations is not possessing and improving their technical skills, but mastering a whole set of soft skills that allows the company's resources to face the daily challenges that you need to overcome in an increasingly unstable and volatile context, especially with the digital transformation.
HR Development activities are specifically developed in order to measure and enhance these soft skills, and therefore they play an increasingly important role in the career of people and the success of organizations.These issues are not specific of top management, but involve also middle and professional levels, and therefore almost the entire population of the company may benefit from such activities.Each tool has its own importance and scope: for example, coaching can be very effective as a support tool for newly appointed managers or for managers who are required to face new challenges, while traditional training can be used for larger populations having similar needs in terms of soft skills that need to be strengthened. Organizational counseling, which is often not considered, can help the company turn an inefficient team by changing the rules of engagement, strength relationships, and the operating modes in which people work. Assessment, on the other hand, often represents the starting point for all these activities: this is because usually organizations are not aware of their own gaps, both in terms of their resources’ weaknesses and in terms of the companies’ operational difficulties. An Assessment helps evaluate the situation in order to help the company better decide what needs to be done next.