How do Executive Assessment and Executive Audit activities for senior and top management work?


No company can grow and achieve significant results over time without a clear vision of its medium and long-term strategies and without a senior and top management Assessment, which is called Executive Assessment. This is a special type of Assessment that has been developed for people who hold roles of accountability within the enterprise (usually, C-level or C-suite executives): it is necessary not to evaluate their skills, which are presumed to be in line with the role they have been hired for, but to investigate all aspects of leadership, values, prospective and strategic thinking skills, plus strengths and weaknesses as we’re talking about the company's governing team.

Usually, the Executive Audit process starts with a review of the company's strategic objectives and an evaluation of the existing organizational model, and then we have the actual observation of executive figures and the entire team.
These activities can then lead to dedicated Executive Coaching or Leadership projects.