What kind of professional profiles recruiting companies look for? Especially Executive Search through the so-called Headhunter?

It depends. Although the two terms are often used without distinction, Recruiting (often called Headhunting) and Executive Search are actually quite different if you consider the search and selection processes used.

Recruiting, in particular AHCG’ method, is concerned with the search and selection of so-called Middle Management positions, i.e cadres and senior management levels. To do this, they use a series of search tools such as direct hunters, databases, ads on major search sites and on Linkedin, Wordpress referrals, and more. In particular, Aegis Human Consulting Group first interviews candidates on the phone to understand their interest in a cognitive interview, their motivation to change job and the similarity between the core of their experience and the research and needs of the client. Only then, the interested people meet the Headhunter in a real selection interview, where not only their hard skills and knowledges but also their soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, flexibility, and problem solving are deeply investigated, since those are key features to cover certain roles. The interview with the Headhunter is also needed to highlight and discuss details such as the role currently faced by the potential candidate and its responsibilities, aspirations and motivation towards the new job proposal in details.

Executive Search has very different dynamics and characteristics than recruiting, focusing on senior figures and higher positions within organizations (so-called top management positions). Here the fundamental theme is to find the right person for that organisation rather than to check the skills record (which are sort of given for granted under these circumstances). That is why potential candidates are usually searched through networking, and the professional features of the consultant is particularly important, together with his image on the market and his ability to attract major personalities within it.

The consultant's work in the Executive Search industry does not end once the perfect candidate is found. A good consultant is able to offer support both to the company and to the candidate identified during the onboarding process, or in the early months of the resource within the new business context. This phase is extremely important since we’re talking about strategic roles within the company, and again the consultant and his experience are fundamental. In particular, the companies that offer Executive Search services like AHCG - Aegis Human Consulting Group, usually combine them with tailor-made Executive Coaching programmes planned by industry experts and professionals since the relevance and the seniority of the positions they’re working with, in order to best support all the people involved, from the candidate to the client’s Company.

The strength of AHCG - Aegis Human Consulting Group is due to the fact that it has been operating for years not only in Recruitment but also in Executive Search, especially in the areas of Financial Services Industry, Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle, energy, engineering & environment and digital. AHCG success depends not only on knowing the reference markets and their dynamics, but also on knowing how to identify the best candidates for the most delicate positions of responsibility, thanks also to their complementary services such as Evaluation, Competence Development and Coaching that ensure maximum satisfaction of all players in the game.