How Important are Management Consulting and HR Development activities to develop talent performance in the company?

There is a strong correlation between business performance, especially in the medium to long term, and the level of motivation of people as well as their soft skills and organizational processes. With this in mind, Management Consulting and HR Development activities prove to be crucial in highlighting and developing the potential of people and hence the performance of the company.

Managing and enhancing not only technical knowledge, but also the skills of Soft Skills can be improved in a stable way and, above all, measuring the performance of the company, making the roles and processes more effective.


The Management Consulting and HR Development services offered by AHCG - Aegis Human Consulting Group are therefore aimed at enhancing and optimizing the company and its performance, starting from their most important business, namely people. To do this, the proposed projects aim to develop the necessary and specific competencies of certain roles and, consequently, the performance of human capital, paying particular attention to the motivation of the people, which, as stated, has a strong impact not only on the results but also on the sense of belonging and on the well-being of resources.

The most sensitive subjects for these interventions are talents, meaning those resources that the company has to find, recruit, motivate, and build ad hoc career paths for. These projects, often called Talent Management or Talent Development, are therefore destined for people with high growth potential, which represent an investment to be cultivated in a careful and strategic way to ensure continuity in leadership, as well as to retain and motivate people who most are easily subject to bids from the competition.


The starting point for Talent Development projects is to support businesses in identifying talents, or potential figures within their organizational structure. Since the concept of talent is closely linked to the characteristics of a particular work environment, the identification of talents cannot ignore an in-depth analysis of the peculiarities that characterize the context in which resources are incorporated.

Once you locate the potential resources, tailor-made custom development courses are designed to allow your talents to grow. It starts with an analysis of what are the current performance and levels of expertise, which are examined using methodologies such as Evaluation, capable of providing an accurate assessment of individual skills and competencies. As a result of this analysis, it is possible not only to have a complete mapping of the skills of the High Potentials, useful for both Talent Management and Succession Planning and Leadership Development projects, but also to choose the tools and methodologies best suited to Enhance Strengths and intervene on critical areas in order to optimize the performance of their resources with dedicated development paths. Among these, individual improvement plans are among the most effective as personalized paths whose peculiarities are the support of an experienced tutor, the alternation between presence and distance training and the use of exercises applicable to working situations of all The Days (such as training at work). Thanks to this, using different tools, as well as being able to receive feedback continuously from the tutor, organisations can track their talents’ improvements and model the course on an individual and business basis, in order to maximize both engagement and results.